Dylan Hendriks Upper was born in a purple haze… no wait, he was born in Fergus, Ontario but that felt like a better start to a story.

An adept illustrator ever since he was stabbed in the neck by a radioactive pencil, Dylan decided to expand his digital skill set after stumbling upon his 76 year old illustration teacher sleeping at his desk in 2001. He still breaks out the old 2B pencils, integrating a mix of art & design skills into his webdesign, branding and motion graphic-ing to make other people look good. Heck, some would argue he makes people look great. But there’s no need for cussing. Whether he works with big brands, small businesses, developers or start-ups, he strives to deliver thoughtful design & pixel perfect craftsmanship.

Sometimes he dreams about taking his talents to South Beach, but his wife, children & mortgage will probably keep him in the GTA, where he has been working for over a decade.

Say Yes To

Doing things right. Lists. Craft beer. Those guitars that are, like, double guitars. Dad jokes. Bacon. The Mexican wave.

Say No To

Giving advice on your website. Sketch Rockwell. Yes men. Too much bacon. The regular wave.