Wesley Chance Wets His Pants

Wesley Chance Wets His Pants is a ridiculous rhyming story about a kid who wets his pants on the way into school and, understandably, doesn’t want anyone to notice. Unfortunately, when a loud-mouth classmate calls attention to Wesley’s predicament, his only recourse is to make stuff up.

I made this book with my pal Shane Matte (the author). We’ve worked together on a number of creative projects over the years for various clients and we always enjoyed working together. We had often discussed working on a self-initiated creative endeavour, and we decided the book would be a great project to collaborate on (and one that would probably make us tens of dollars). After successfully self publishing the book in 2018 we suspect that we’ll soon be negotiating the movie rights.

ClientSelf-initiated projectServicesIllustration, Graphic DesignTeamShane Matte, Author
Emily Upper, Typography
Dylan Upper, Illustration

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